One For The Road, January 31, 5 - 8:30

Curated by Nick Lisica, Steven Wolkoff, Melissa Karlin, Mark Mallory

Celebrating our tenure as part of the designLAB at the PDC for an incredible year and a half. Featuring the works of many of the artists who had exhibited with us over the years.

Alight, Nov 14 - Jan 8, 2013

Curated by Nick Lisica and Steven Wolkoff

Alight is a celebration of contemporary neon art in Los Angeles. The artists in the show employ different techniques to explore the possibilities of the medium. Linda Sue Price uses abstract shapes and specialty transformers to create work with a sense of whimsy while embracing the capabilities of neon as an artistic medium. Cathy Stone juxtaposes the highly technological with the human body, using the lines of her palm as the template for her neon sculpture "Creases". Philip Vaughan, using light, structure, and motion, employs networks of neon tubes to create linear expressions. From the personal to the natural to the mechanical, the artwork in Alight explores the variants available to artists working with neon.


Linda Sue Price
Cathy Stone
Philip Vaughan

Cakewalk, Sept 18 - Oct 25, 2013

Curated by Nick Lisica and Steven Wolkoff

The works in this exhibition flow from one to the next, much like animated dancers in a cakewalk. The rhythmic walk through the show is punctuated with repeating pops of color and texture. At times, these elements bring the viewer in for an intimate look, while at others, the viewer is pushed back and asked to examine the pieces as a whole. The artworks act together in unison, while simultaneously going their own individual ways. Like the original cakewalks, performances by slaves living on pre-Civil War plantations, this show is more than what it might seem on the surface: colorful, inviting surfaces give way to complex, satirical themes that question authority and expectations.


Josh Atlas
Michelle Carla Handel
Eric Huebsch
Shannon LaBelle
Miriam Noske
Margie Schnibbe
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
Rowan Wood

From The Desert,May 16 - July 31, 2013

Curated by Steven Wolkoff

Our local deserts have a long history as sources of inspiration for artists. �From the Desert�celebrates this history by bringing together a diverse array of artists who make conceptually strong work that uses the desert as inspiration and/or source material.
Together, these artists remind us that while the desert is often seen as a barren wasteland, closer inspection reveals�a diversity of life and inspiration only a short drive from our city centers.


Adrienne Adar
Anthony Ausgang
William Berry
David Buckingham
Gavin Bunner
Lynn Hanson
Autumn Harrison
Brian Hollister
Carmine Iannaccone
Thomas Isaac
Nick Lisica
Dafna Maimon
Constance Mallinson
Anne Martens
Dan McCleary
Margaret Nielsen
Andy Romanoff
Ross Rudel
Linda Stark
Coleen Sterritt
Don Suggs

Beyond Minimalism, March 19 - May 3, 2013

Curated by Shannon LaBelle and Nick Lisica

Beyond Minimalism is a show incorporating works that expand upon the traditional notion of minimalism. All of the work has roots, either directly or indirectly, in the minimalist art movement popularized in the 1960s. However, through various means and mediums, the pieces bring the viewer into a space otherwise unobtainable through minimal art.


Robert Boyd
Doug Edge
David French
Victor Landweber
Ryan McCann
Grant Wiggins

Arranged Art: Pieced, Placed, Pastiched, January 17 - March 1, 2013

Curated by Nick Lisica and Steven Wolkoff

The process of piecing separate objects together to create a greater whole has been a part of art history for decades. Picasso, Duchamp, Cornell, Rauschenberg, among others, popularized the art of assemblage during the twentieth century. From its early beginnings among elite artist circles, assemblage has grown into a global art form recognized by even the most novice appreciator of art.

When the artists in �Arranged Art: Pieced, Placed, Pastiched� place individual objects together, they create unique works of art that move beyond the traditional notion of assemblage. Breaking the restraints of any one particular medium in art allows the piece to reach a level unique unto itself. The artists use the combination of separate objects and materials to create a narrative, a poem without words. As Seitz wrote in The Art of Assemblage, �The poet's most important tool is the metaphor � the joining of two things that are different.� While all of the pieces aren't necessarily created through the combination of different items, they are all created through an assemblage of items. Piece after piece, the smaller parts are assembled into a final work of art.


Jaime Becker
Tm Gratkowski
Paul Guillemette
Olga Lah
Constance Mallinson
Cynthia Minet

Deep Paint: A Medium's Expanded Ground, November 15 - January 4, 2013

Curated by Anne Martens and Jayna Zweiman

This exhibition presents paintings that evoke sculpture and sculptures made of paint. The works in Deep Paint blur conceptual boundaries between two media�painting and sculpture�each, which like countries, being reflective of unique histories, languages and identities. While the emphasis is on artists who consider themselves �painters,� borders are crossed into outlying lands.

Rosalind Krauss wrote of sculpture�s �Expanded Field� to describe that medium�s relationship to the fields of architecture and site-specific installation. Likewise, we propose that conceiving of an �expanded ground� for painting can place it in meaningful relationship to sculpture and to architecture. Although such comparatives seem diametrically opposed, they also, perhaps paradoxically, function as end-points in a continuum between one field and another.


Linda Besemer
Leanne Lee
Chris Mercier
David Allan Peters
Linda Stark
Steven Wolkoff

Neo-Americana, Sept 9 - Oct 26, 2012

In Los Angeles, a variety of art school graduates have been using the aesthetics and vocabulary of folk art to explore themes relevant to the fine art community. These artists have individually received national press and museum shows, but their work has not been identified as belonging to a larger movement, and the movement has not been fully explored. Hudson|Linc's show, Neo-Americana, endeavors to start a conversation about this movement and the place of folk art within contemporary fine art.


Gavin Bunner
Zeal Harris
Ami Tallman
Dan Van Clapp

Show catalog available at

He Said|She Said - Sept 2 - 4, 2011 - FLAG STOP an alternative contemporary art event, Torrance CA

�He Said|She Said� examines the relationships we encounter in our daily lives. The partnerships we make and the partnerships we break shape who we are, and who we become. The male and female viewpoints in �He Said|She Said� provide a point-counter point to generate this discussion. By focusing on only four pieces of work by four different artists, the viewer is allowed to get to know each piece on a more personal level, creating a feeling of intimacy they might not experience in a crowded gallery.
The intimate setting of the POD provides an ideal location to host such an exhibit. The enclosed warmth mimics the intimacy felt while two are together. Alternatively, the POD�s finite space mirrors how easily one can become trapped after the two experience their final collapse.


Francisco Guerrero
Liz Hart
Megan Marie Myers
Roy Powell

Show catalog available at

(context) August 4 - 28, 2011 - The Arcade Building, San Pedro

(context) examines the work of artists who have taken the notion of word play a step further. By taking words out of their traditional environment, the work engages the viewer, forcing them to question where language stops and art begins. Is a simple sentence a work of art? If so, how does its setting change one�s perception of it? The work in (context) invites the viewer to read, and then examine, words in a whole new way.


Shizuko Greenblatt
Joella March
Claudia Parducci
Gerald Smith
Cheryl Sorg
Theodore Svenningsen

Show catalog available at

Social Being - July 7, 2011 - LaSalle Lofts, San Pedro

By examining the relationships found in everyday interactions, this exhibition hopes to question how the individual is affected in the new modern age. With this new constant connection, are people giving up their freedom? Does being intertwined alter the way one lives, or do people remain the same despite the advances that surround them?

The artists in Social Being share an interest not only in how perception is altered, but by how the individual accepts or discredits this transformation. Looking at these connections, this exhibit aims to uncover where we are, and where we are headed in this new digital age.


Gavin Bunner
Calla Donofrio
Ariel Erestingcol
David French
Ryan McCann
Max Presneill
Jason Ramos
Steven Wolkoff

Show catalog available at

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